Hi Readers! Welcome to my crazy world, I’m excited to have you here.

I’ve been publishing spicy stories since 2020 — and I’m very excited to bring them to Ream. Although I began my journey on Amazon, I discovered serial fiction a year later, and that has been my passion ever since. There’s something special about crafting a story episode by episode and taking readers on that ride with you, and that’s why I’m developing an account on Ream where you can find all of my stories.

I’m currently writing under four pen names:

Kristin Lance - my original pen name, focused on MMF erotica and erotic romance.

Kaylee Pike - my sci fi romance pen name, featuring a variety of ways to enjoy alien peen.

Ezra Dao - my M/M pen name, with mostly contemporary stories. This is currently one of my most active pen names.

Kara Cutlass - this will be the new home of my spicy demon stories and other RH and MMF paranormal romance.

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